American Marsh 340 Series Double Suction Split Case Pump

American Marsh 340 Series Double Suction Split Case Pump

American Marsh

Double suction split case pumps are used in a variety of commercial, industrial and municipal applications. The HD series double suction split case pumps feature heavy-duty casings, high-efficiency enclosed impellers, oversized shafts, Thru-Bore line bore and optional metallurgies.


Capacities to: 30,000+ GPM (6,813+ m^3/hr)

Heads to: 550 Feet (168 m)

Temperatures to: 300 F (149 C)

Speed ranges: 1200 to 3600 RPM


  • Fully removable rotor assemblies without disturbing piping or driver.


  • Standard packed stuffing box or optional American-Marsh Series 810 mechanical seals for both reliability and dependability.


  • Modular rotating assemblies feature completely removable and replaceable stuffing boxes.


  • Carbon/Si-Carbide/Viton elastomers standard, with other faces and elastomers available.


  • Internal seal flush.


  • Grease lubricated bearing housing for extended bearing life.


  • Available standard in Cast Iron/Bronze fitted or other alloy for application versatility.


  • Replaceable wearing components include casing wear rings to maintain peak efficiency.


  • Enclosed impeller design, double suction, dynamic balancing and renewable wear rings reduce losses increasing performance and pump life.


  • 125 lb. ANSI flange suction/discharge connections. Suction and discharge flanges are casted to 250 psi dimensions. Case working pressures for all HD models is 250 psi.


  • Casing has Thru-Bore line bore for ease in maintenance, swapping of rotation and conversion from packed to mechanically sealed.


  • Bearings can be serviced and removed without removing rotating assembly from pump. All HD pump models feature bearings with a minimum 100,000 hour design life.




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