Megator Sliding Shoe Pump

Megator Sliding Shoe Pump


Sliding Shoe Pumps

  • Mining Sliding Shoe Pumps

    • Single cover access/Easy to Service
    • Self Priming
    • Dry Running
    • High suction lift
    • Constant capacity at varying heads
    • Low Shear (to prevent emulsification)

    Proven Mine Dewatering Technology

    • Runs for long periods with a completely dry suction line, without loss of prime or damage to the working parts.
    • Super suction handles high lifts and long suction lines, so pumps can be installed in convenient locations.
    • Attaching a number of isolated suction lines reduces the need for multiple pumps.
    • Maintenance is quick, simple and can be performed underground without disconnecting pipe work.
    • Rapid self priming without the need for troublesome footvalves.
    • Self compensating for wear prevents frequent stoppages and downtime.
    • Eliminates expense, down time and safety concerns fo installing/maintaining electric submersible.

    Dolphin Strainer

    • Available from 1.5" — 6"
    • Always Floats Upright
    • Tough, Shock-Proof
    • Corrosion Proof

    Oil Recovery Units

    Recovery Unit Includes:

    • Portable Pump Units (2 – 60 gpm)
    • 1-1/2" or 2" Alpha Skimmmer
    • Electric or Gasoline Drive
    • 10 feet of non-floating hose and 30 feet of floating Hose with 3 sets of quick connect fittings

    Alpha Skimmer

    • Skims Oil and Other Effluents
    • Adjustable Intake Weir (for thin or thick layers)
    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • Optional Screen Kits
    • Optional Folding Design For Manways


    • Oil Water Separator
    • Air, Diesel or Hydraulic Drive
    • 2", 3" or 4" Alpha Skimmer
    • Stationary Pump Units (up to 265 gpm)