Continental CG Pump

Continental CG Pump

Continental Pumps

Our Pumps have been used on the toughest pumping problems in the industry since 1946.

Model CG pumps are designed to handle the heavier applications of sewage, industrial waste, polluted liquids, and slurries.  Incorporated into this more rugged pump is a unique drive train using gear joint connections to the rotor and drive shaft.

Continental Pump CG Model pumps and parts are interchangeable with many progressing cavity pump brands.

We also offer this model as a Complete Pump on an In Line Base or V-Belt Base or as a Hydraulic Unit.

This pump is ideal for many kinds of abrasives,aerating, caulking, cementing, circulating, cleaning, filling, industrial waste, irrigating, metering, mixing, pastes, sampling, sewage, spraying, sprinkling, sludge, slurries, transferring, washing, waste water and water systems jobs. These are the most common types of applications that are being successfully and 

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